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Thread: Can Play 1 Backup Then Gotta Restart Wii

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    Can Play 1 Backup Then Gotta Restart Wii

    Im using usbloader 1.1 but ive tried this on coverfloader and it does the same. USB GX just gives me dsi exception when it to install any games. But basically i can load and play a game fine but if i go to home menu and go back to usbloader to try and load another game it just hangs

    If anyone has heard of this please help me out ive tried it on Coverfloader,USBLoader1.1,USBLoader 1.5
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    Sorry this can be deleted i found my solution to this

    Q:Running the 1st game is ok, but when I exit out to Wii menu, and load USBLoader again, it freezes when trying to run a 2nd game.

    A:It's a bug in cIOS13b. Hope next cIOS will fix this, or just don't use return to Wii and shut it down.

    from FAQ ?(USB Loader GX)?

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    What version of the cIOS do you have installed, rev13/13b does exactly what you are saying. Either you need to revert back to cIOS36 rev10 or wait for rev14 (which may have a fix). Not sure if rev12 will fix it. I went back to rev10 and all my games work, and I can exit a game and play another without having to turn off my Wii every time. I use Configurable USB Loader and after I install a game and go back to the loader I sometimes get the dsi exception sometimes, but not all times. You would probably do good to get rid of USBLoader 1.1, USBLoader 1.5 is the updated version of it.

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    Yup thanks Stomp reverting solved the problem

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    i have 13 installed and i dont have this issue and i use usb loader gx and neogamma r4?


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