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Thread: Conduit/Transformers an error has occurred.

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    Ca Conduit/Transformers an error has occurred.

    Hello everyone .. iv been having problems lately trying to load 2 games... The Conduit ntsc none scrubbed version... and transformers 2 revenge of the fallen both pal & ntsc none scrubbed .. when tryin to load the game via disc.. using either neogamma & gamma .. i get an error .. black screen and a error has occurred refer to the manual and have to hit the eject button... im running 3.2 ntsc wii .. rev 6 yeah i know its old. .but its doin the trick as of late.. im able to play ghost busters etc.. .so just odd i cant run these... . ios installed were 37,38,53,55 free the bug wads... and installed ios 60+tru using wiiscu .. if i reload the game with hooks.. i can see the game in the disc launcher. .but when load.. an error. burned with 2 different medias all different speeds..any ideas thanks guys!

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    the games played well in 3.xJ with Gecko.
    no idea what caused ur error.


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