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Thread: Preloader hbc buggin

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    Preloader hbc buggin

    Thanks in advance

    I loaded some wads for Gba and Snes plus more after doing so i got a corrupted screen when i started my Wii. I have preloader 0.29 install so i held the reset button down when powered up and could get to the HBC but here is where i screwed myself. i used anytitle remover and took what thought was the last wads i added for those last wads i mentioned. but i got rid of my HBC something because it did'nt work afterwards. so now i got preloader but no HBC "Error autobooting HBC. maybe title not installed" is on the screen

    happy July 4th

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    wow, get the hackmii installer for the HBC and put that boot.dol at the root, run the file from preloader and reinstall the HBC, after that, keep the wads you installed in your wad folder and go to wadmanager and UNINSTALL the file, don't use any title deleter unless you know exactly what you are deleting


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