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Thread: Okay, 3.1U question

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    Exclamation Okay, 3.1U question

    Hello, this is my first post on this website of great resources!!!
    However, when i first got my wii, i was a moron (at least ive admitted it, and can learn from my mistakes) and followed some random guide on some obscure website, and i ended up with a bricked console i since then have procured a *new wii with system menu 3.1U and i'm scared to DEATH to upgrade/downgrade. So, i've read until my eyes have bled in regards to tutorials, and i'm kinda stuck. i need a little "hand-holding" unfortunatly. So, my ultimate goal is to be able to pop in a burned dvd of my backed up game, and play it. I don't care for HB on this console just yet until i get a tad more comfortable with it. I get confused with the whole cios/ios stuff, ive tried doing my homework, and i just cant wrap my head around it. So, what would i have to do to get this working? (without upgrading to 3.2) don't worry about telling me about bannerbomb/HBC, ive got that down to a science, the only thing i dont understand is the cios/ios parts.

    Assuming i have a new wii, Syssoft. 3.1U
    HBC installed, with an internet connection, what is the next step? i know this is kinda noob but a "dummy" list would be excellent!

    Step 1.Download "insert random app here here at:random link
    and run it in the HBC under apps and renaming to "boot" blah blah blah.

    Any help would be AMAZING! thanks in advance!

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    i'm 3.1u as well, this is the guide I originally followed. It's easy 'nuff. A little outdated, but you can update the cios stuff just fine once you get your barings.


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    Okay, i have taken your advice, and everything is running great, i even have bootmii as boot2!! so im happy as all hell now that i cant brick the system! just one question, ive installed the included cIOS in that pack mentioned in that video, and when i went to go boot my resident evil, i just got a green screen. any ideas?
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    iv got the same problem man,and unfortunatly your youtube link got deleted

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    Just install HBC using bannerbomb or TWP:Hack. Both you can easily do with just a google search. It's hard to mess up either method.

    Then follow dogegg's guide


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