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Thread: Tiger Woods 2010(retail copy) wants me to update firmware

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    Tiger Woods 2010(retail copy) wants me to update firmware

    Hello all!

    I'm running a softmodded Wii (via bannerbomb) on 4.0 firmware. I recently purchased a copy of Tiger Woods 2010 and popped it into my disc drive. It wants me to update my firmware before starting the game, which I figured was an unsafe thing to do. Do I need one of those crazy loaders that bypass the firmware patch, or is there some way I can get it installed and carry on my merry little way?


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    you could either use startpatch or preloader to get a skip disc update hack on your wii or use a loader that skips the update - i think gecko os will do the job with the least hassle. Put it in your apps directory-run it-load game with it.

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    Thanks for the tips, I'll try them out. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the patch is for?

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    No one can answer that for you. It all depends on what's on your Wii.

    Someone with system menu 9.0 could get an update triggered from Zelda TWP theoretically. It just means that disc has something your Wii doesnt have installed. Could be damn near any IOS.


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