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Thread: Wii getting repaired ... but..

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    Wii getting repaired ... but..

    I suffered from the vertical lines of static, so I just sent my wii in, it's an ealier version...

    But I want to mod it with the wiikey when I get it back

    Buttttt if they replace the whole wii I'll have that new wii which is hard to mod right?

    Anyone get their wii fixed lately ? I opt'ed to have mine fixed and not a refurb sent to me.

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    bump! As I am having similar situation too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enzoshadow View Post
    bump! As I am having similar situation too!

    Supz, They sent me a wii back. It's not mine, it's a remanufactured wii. I started with a DMS chip and now i have a D2B chip.... I called them up and let them know i was very angry that they didn't fix my wii like I instructed but instead sent me remanufactured wii.

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    Wow! That sux! But on the bright side, at least it's not D2C chip

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    True, well that is what the serial says... but they said they put all new parts in it that is what a remanufactored device is...


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