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Thread: Error 20107 when trying to connect online >.<

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    Unhappy Error 20107 when trying to connect online >.<

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I've tried legit copies of SSBB and GH:3 and they work online. But my copies of GH:Metallica and RB2 do not want to go online. Please, help me! Cheers!

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    Do you have Ocarina cheats codes enabled for these games? If so, perhaps you are being blocked from Wifi on these titles. Everything I Google points to the wifi ban rumor. But who knows? The fact that your wifi works on the other games does rule out your hardware though, I'd think.

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    No cheat code, downgraded to 3.2u when I softmodded it. I also just tried a legit Mario Kart Wii and its telling me to update. Should I update?
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    OK COD5 backup seems to work fine. In RB2 I can access the store so I know online is working. I just cant seem to connect to multiplayer online.


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