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Thread: JungleFlasher v0.1.64 has been released

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    Exclamation JungleFlasher v0.1.64 has been released

    A new version of JungleFlasher(info) has been released. Jungle flasher is the ultimate flashing tool.

    * General items Updated
    Ctrl + F4 to open iXtreme from firmware folder to Target
    Added context menus to Source and target tabs
    - open f/w from working folder
    - clear source
    - update to key data base
    - open f/w from working folder
    - open f/w from .\firmware folder
    - clear target
    Removed - not allowing blank serial in for Lite-on Dummy.bin
    - previously if serial was blank the iX file serial was left as is
    - Warning changed for dummy.bin w/o serial, to mention is possibly ok.

    * Key Database in Registry
    Database will be populated automatically from a dump.
    Ctrl + F10 to add/update key database from Source tab info
    Ctrl + F12 to launch notepad with key database
    Ctrl + F11 to create .csv from key database
    Added extra item to explorer(info) context to load as source and add key to db
    - iX will not autoload to target for this task
    - can select mutliple f/w files, these will load in turn

    * Hitachi Support Updated
    Fixed bug in Rev 36 Ram Upload Dump Code
    All dumps are rev checked immediately, a failure to identify will abort sequence
    - dumps from other drives and locked 79's (coming back empty) would proceed to key
    - check and fail

    * MTKFlash32
    Added warning message Yes/No to Flash Erase Button (default is No!)
    Added Esc to abort to flash read within auto reads in moddermode
    Bypassed Sammy-Un-Lock warning in ModderMode
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