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Thread: "This File Cannot Be Copied" Error

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    "This File Cannot Be Copied" Error

    So I'm trying to transfer my Wii game saves from the actual Wii console to my SD Card. Problem is, it seems that some games don't allow you to copy the data to the SD Card such as Brawl, MarioKart, and Animal Crossing. I have HBC installed and am wondering if there is something I can do - some sort of hack - where I can be able to copy over the save data to my SD Card. If you could link me anywhere or even explain here in this thread, I'd be most greatful! Thanks in advance!

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    do u have enough room on the sd card? bc i have played all those games and i can copy the data from the wii to the sd card.!

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    Yeah, more than enough. Its a 2GB SD Card. And like I said, some games allow me to copy but only a few don't.

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    Anybody have any idea what I can do?

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    hmm.. thats messed up..sry dude i have no clue!!!

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    After doing quite a bit of googling. I've found that it is impossible to copy over game saves for games that require online play. This is due to the fact that within the save data is your friend code, and Nintendo has purposely done this in order to prevent multiple people having the same friend code. While this makes sense, I really wish there was another way around this. I am needing to reformat my Wii but I do not want to lose all my Animal Crossing data.

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    There is a homebrew aplication just google wii save extractor v2 and wii save dumper.

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    there's an app called savegame manager that will do the job - or use preloader and the 'remove copy protection from saves' hack....

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    I had this problem,
    This was my post,
    I have a problem with two games that I cannot save to the SD card.
    I am running 3.2E, USB Loader GX and 320GB HDD. I have ten games on the HDD and all work well from the great GX front end. I have save manager 1.0 and Gecko OS 1.9.1, I have tried both to save Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, both refuse to be copied to the SD card from the Wii memory.

    I've checked my IOS, it was originally IOS61, (4.0E) I have IOS 249 rev 9. and
    HBC. I am very pleased with my hacks so far, but I guess we all like to tweak that extra mile.

    I got the fix from jqwest, run Gecko OS 1.9.1, reboot with hooks. I do this each time I want to save Mario Kart or Animal Crossing. Works every time.

    Best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogeggs View Post
    there's an app called savegame manager that will do the job - or use preloader and the 'remove copy protection from saves' hack....
    I downloaded and installed that Savegame Manager. Then I ran it and extracted my Brawl savegame just fine. I then deleted the actual save file off of my Wii and restarted. Then I tried to install the savegame file back to my Wii via Savegame Manager, but I get an error when I run it saying "Installing savegame, please wait...ERROR! (ret = -1)"

    Any idea whats wrong? By the way, thanks for the help so far

    EDIT: I found out my problem. It seems that before you can install the savegame back onto your Wii's system memory, you need to have created a save file for the game you are trying to install the savegame for. So like for Brawl, I just popped the game in real fast and created a profile - restarted back to the system menu and then tried to install my old savegame back on via that Savegame Manager, and it worked like a charm! Thanks so much for your help and thanks alot to the author of this program!
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