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Thread: No Wii Channels Will Load!!!!!!!!

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    Unhappy No Wii Channels Will Load!!!!!!!!

    HELP!! My NOOB A$$ Deleted some system Files with "ANY TITLE DELETER" ....Now none of my Wii Channels will LOAD. After Trying to Start it the Screen goes Black-> Then the System Starts back up and I'm Back at the Channel Screen. I re-installed the Homebrew channel from the ZELDA hack and it WILL launch. Currently my system is At 3.2u firm ware.. I have access to WAD Manger. Can Anyone point me in the right direction???? if you need more info onmy situation just asked!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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    what did u delete? do u remember? not to be an ass but this is why u shouldnt use programs to delete stuff u have no idea what they do! im not sure if this will work but if u have wireless or a usb ethernet adapter to connect to the internet for ur wii have u tried updateing ur wii? im not sure if it will work but it might .

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    THATs just it, like a numb nuts I don't realy know what i deleted. When you say update are you suggesting I update to 4u firmware via the internet? If I do this will I need to install additional programs to run my back up games?

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    ya update 4.0 .. u might wanna ask one the mods here first or someone that knows more then me.. i have 4.0 and i use neogamma r4 cios 38 rev 13 iso 249 and i can load back up and usb hd fine ... but when u update u will have to use bannerbomb to reinstall hbc

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    Ok, I'll try it out andkeep you posted.

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    ok good luck! u might wanna delete hbc before u update idk what the update will do with hbc on there

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    I got it working now. I do apprceiate the help!!Now I'm back to normal the reason I got into this whole SHINDIGG is that I'm trying to play a JAP Import game on my Wii. ((I should have asked thisfrom the beggining)))How do I play Jap Import Gameswithout getting the ERROR#2?? Currently I'm USING GAMMA 0.3 002 FIX to launch ISO's.

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    You get the blue 002 error screen when the game loads? First off, you want to use regionfrii to change its region to your consoles region. I would also use wiibrickblocker to remove any updates the game could have.

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    listen to jason he knows what he is talking about...!!!

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    If youre on 4.0 i think youll have to downgrade to 3.2 first
    3.0->3.2(WUM)->4.0->3.3->3.3 (downgraded IOSes), wiikey 1.9s [US Wii]

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