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Thread: Online Facebook Game?

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    Thumbs up Online Facebook Game?

    Hi all! Any active facebook users here?

    I want to recommend this game called Battlestations to all of you. The game has awesome graphics and I've included some replays for your reference. If you like them, please add using the links provided. Thanks and hope you'll enjoy it!!

    Awesome RPG game where you pilot a ship and go on an adventure attacking other ships or even join a Clan and participate in Clan Wars! Plenty of weapons and ship parts available for upgrades and I can guarantee that you'll be hooked to the game in no time!! Several replays for considerations:

    Player vs Player
    Battle Stations on Facebook

    Clan War replay
    Battle Stations on Facebook

    If you are interested in the game, why not add it on Facebook through this link?
    Battle Stations on Facebook

    And LOL..I'm not trying to spam, if you are interested, add it, if not, it's ok..

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    C'mon Peeps!! Play this game!! It's fun!!

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    Play play play

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