Hope this helps someone...I had many problems(example:coverfloader would error before i saw the games, etc!)!i! With People having problems with 13b, and 13b was made quick because of problems with 13, I opted for rev. 12.

I downgraded to 3.2U from 3.4u just to make certain everything was fresh.

I had to erase all my ios with 3 digits (example: ios249). Heard to NEVER delete IOS under 3 digits, i didn't and all works so don't! Did that through Anytitledeleter's option #1

Preloader said IOS was 30 at the bottom left of the screen, thou when i started cIOS rev12 installer it automatically pulled up 60 something. When i tried it without changing a thing, the installer would error out ("error = -1"...i recall) whether it was wad OR network install. So at the beginning of the installer i chose IOS 30. then chose network install. the network install took a few minutes, but when it was done it was done successfully. Now coverfloader works again and I may actually get some sleep tonight.

This is my first post so i hope its in the right place, thanks for the great site. this is my first post because i found everything else easily... thanks again and hope this helps some one out there in the wiiworld

Merry Independence USA