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Thread: wii questions

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    wii questions

    Okay, I'm going to buy a wii, soon and i have a few questions about mod chips

    1. which one should i look at (mod chips)? *where could i get it installed too

    2. what do mod chips allow me to do?

    3. i read somewhere about an emulator so i can run different games (roms)

    4. is a gecko needed and where could i get one.

    5. any difference between the chips in the wii (d2c/d2a, etc...)

    6. if i burn a game what is this brick blocker thing about? (so i cant d/l pal games if i'm ntsc?)

    and probably some more questions.

    Thanks a lot. I usually just play games from my PC so i don't know much about this. I did do some searches but there were so many postings, i couldn't filter them =/ anyways. Thanks again.

    P.S. i'm in the GTA by the way.

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    1 - I would recommend the Wiikey but you need to make sure you dont have the newer version Wii as these have the new d2c chip which cant be modded yet, well not by any modding shop i've seen.
    Couple of places that fit mod chips -

    2 - Mod chips allow you to play wii and Game Cube back ups or copies, run homebrew applications and play ROMS.

    3 - you can play Roms through the wiikey but you will need a Gekko GC memory card to store the Roms on. you will also need a GC controller.

    4 - I am not sure where you can hold of a gekko maybe try a game shop.

    5 - D2c cant be modded yet.

    6 - Brickblocker is a program you run on the game ISO before you burn it,
    it removes the update that is present on some games.

    Regionfrii is a program you run on the game ISO before you burn it,
    it allows to patch the game to another region. (doesnt work with every game.)

    It is best to only play games from the same region as your console to ensure you do not brick your wii.

    I hope this helps.

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    There are only about 5 games known to have a update, the ones i know of are Mario party 8 NTSC , Metriod prime 3 NTSC , Super paper mario NTSC. If you use these games on a NTSC system, you should be fine. But if you play them on a Pal system, you have to watch out for the bricking of your wii

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    i'm 99% sure mine is a D2C...
    i heard a new mod chip came out with the 30 or so wires though.


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