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Thread: Have a 3.1 USA with d2c chip, should I upgrade to 3.4U?

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    Have a 3.1 USA with d2c chip, should I upgrade to 3.4U?

    Would appreciate any advice / help from anyone who has done this before-

    I'm thinking of upgrading my firmware to 3.4U so that I can play backup versions of newer games (e.g. Grand Slam Tennis)

    Will upgrading brick my Wii as I have a d2c chip installed?

    Will upgrading cause me to be unable to play my archive of backup games?

    How should I do the upgrade?
    - Is internet update of firmware ok?
    - Are there specific steps I should take to ensure I won't brick the Wii AND can still play my old backup games?


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    only scrubbed games will stop working, if you dont have any that were scrubbed youd be fine. make sure that you are updating from your own region, if the disc is from a different region then dont update from it.
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    Thanks Spyman-

    So there is little/no risk of the Wii being bricked as a result of the upgrade to 3.4u?

    I have quite a few scrubbed games... is there a way to make them work even after I upgrade to 3.4u? (without having to downgrade the firmware each time I want to run them...)

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