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Thread: Best process for loading games to HD

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    Best process for loading games to HD

    I was wondering how everyone was adding games to their externals. Is there a method that will allow you to add the games to the HD via network? Or does everyone just disconnect their externals from the Nintendo and take to the computer with the Wii games on it and transfer via loader. Thanks.

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    I haven't seen where anyone uses a network connection to install games to HD, maybe the Wii gods will give us that ability in the future.

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    everyone unplugs their wii and plugs it to their computer to load wii iso's.
    additionally dont have to unplug the wii, you can install any burnt or retail game through the wii's drive

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    i add games (iso) to my external hard drive using wbfs manager google it. as far as i know its the only way to put them on the hard drive using ur computer, ( correct me if im wrong)

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    Ok thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to know if there was something that I was missing. I knew that there was a wifi connection that would allow files to be added to SD card and wondered if it would apply to the USB drive too.



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