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Thread: IOS Issue

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    Unhappy IOS Issue

    i was trying to install an iso (38 reva) i downloaded many trying to find it. i did find it but only one issue the installer needed it to to be a certain name. in renaming i stupidly renamed an older ios accidentally and used this newer installer. now i am having several issues: in anything that requires me to select an ios when i select ios249 it freezes also now no usb loaders(sd/usbloader,usb loader gx neo gamma) are working would it be possible just to delete all ios's and start over or can i somehow fix this massively idiotic mistake


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    don't go deleting all your ios! you will brick for sure - run cios uninstaller then when that is done install cios38r13

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    had to try it a few times but it worked perfectly after i did that thanks a mill, gonna back up my nand for sure now
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