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Thread: How to install a Drivekey - Detailed Video Tutorial

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    Thumbs up How to install a Drivekey - Detailed Video Tutorial

    I have made a tutorial that details installing the DriveKey and also detail how to disassemble and reassemble the wii.


    How to Disassemble the wii

    The Video show chip switch 1 on and 2 off for Australia
    however for NTSC-U (North America) you must put the switch with 1 off and 2 on


    How to Install the DriveKey


    How to Reassemble the wii



    These are provided by
    Thank you
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    thanks for the video tutorials

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    No problem. I am just gald to help.

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    Drive key settings

    what about UK ???

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    Excellent tutorial.....


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    Awesome mate!

    Greatly appreciated!

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    excellent tutorial thanks wish i had seen this before i soft mobbed

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    Thanks for the tutorial !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsmane View Post
    Thanks for the tutorial !!!
    I disassembled my old wii in order to take the modchip and install it on the new unmodded wii that ill be getting
    i didnt find any modchip inside....
    If there was no modchip, how had i been able to play backups from the disk channel :O ?

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    Thanks for the tutorial !!!


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