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Thread: help full bricked wii

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    help full bricked wii

    i was trying to install the new system menu 4.0 using a wad file and i kept getting some error message, messed around a bit, and hit uninstall accidentally... well it appears to have uninstalled the old system menu, .. anyway when it tried to reset it just froze for a second and when i turned the wii back on, nothing showed up on the screen. i tried the savemii thing with the gamecube controller but didn't work either, it makes all the noises as if it were working still but just doesn't show up on the screen.... any ideas?

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    did you install bootmii? if installed as 'boot2' you can then pop an sd card in and restore your wii, but, it sounds like that's a no go. try SaveMii - Wii Troubleshooting that diagnostic from too see what you can accomplish.


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