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Thread: Stuck in preloader - HELP!!

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    Stuck in preloader - HELP!!

    I'm running system 4.0 (USA) and have installed homebrew and bootmii via the bannerbomb method. Everything seemed to work fine.

    I then went to install "stayon 4", and at the end of installation, my wii would not come off The 4.0(USA) screen. At this point I thought my wii was bricked (I am a total wiinoob)

    So I did some reading on here and figured out how to get into preloader through holding the reset button. That's as far as I can seem to get, though - no settings in preloader seem to allow me to get back into the wii menu or boot up any discs at all.

    My goal is simply to be able to play backups on my LU58 NTSC wii.

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance for your help - I'm getting pretty frustrated.

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    Go back into the homebrew channel from preloader and install preloader again

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    Thanks, but HBC doesn't give me an option to re-install preloader.

    Other suggestions?


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