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    Wii Update

    I did a softmod on my wii and it works great. But now I bought a new game - EA Sports Active for wii and when I put the game, it wants to do an update. If I do an update, I think this will screw up my wii. Any advice?

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    you can run starfall to block all updates on games through the hbc
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    How can I play that game that requires an update?

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    You cant run starfall unless you are using 3.2 firmware. Starfall will block all disc updates. Another way would be to make a copy of the game and use "wiibrickblocker" to remove the disc update. Other than that, theres really nothing you can do to prevent an update.

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    You bought the game, technically you can have a backup copy if you rip your own or download it I'm pretty sure.

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    If you are running 3.3E, is it a big deal to downgrade to 3.2?


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