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Thread: Wii is a good media center!

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    Wii is a good media center!

    I just tried MplayerCE yesterday and I am blown away by the quality of the video that you can stream through Wifi!

    This is an awesome software. I tried tons of other solution: Orb, Tversity, Weezo and all of them had terrible streaming video quality. You can see some more results of this testing on this blog.

    It is night and day with MplayerCE. Now the only real thing missing to get a real Wii media center (and shutdown my Comcast cable) is the possibility to use Hulu through my Wii.

    Playon are saying they will do it soon (PlayOn Digital Media Server | MediaMall Technologies) But I have no hope anymore.

    I am thinking now of using some capture software on my main PC like replay media catcher or Jaksta...

    Any other idea?? Am I alone trying to use Hulu on my Wii?

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    Yes, I also like very much using Wii with MplayerCE as media center. Only negative thing in my opinion is that it is not possible to play 720p content with h264 coding. But that I think is limitation of Wii hardware + mplayer source not specially adapted to it. I can live with that.

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    Yes. The nex couple of months will be interesting to see if it can surpase the xbox in terms of homebrew capability.

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    Sorry new to this but Ive gotten MPlayerCE to play DVDs and local files, but how do I use it as a Media Center?

    Edit: Figured out there is SMB connection but am having problems setting it up for my mac
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    No idea if it would work on Mac. In windows you just set up the SMB share to the ip of the computer and the name of the share, as it is shared on the network.
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    I'm fairly new here and I too am having difficulties with the whole SMB. I even went to (Configs - mplayer-ce - Setup Configs - Project Hosting on Google Code), it had a lot of good info on it, but my Wii just wont connect. everytime I get things set up and select SMB in MPlayer CE, it just freezes or gives me an error like it can't connect. I can't find any good help on the matter and I'm getting rather frustrated with the whole ordeal. Plus I'm tired of loading movies onto my thumb drives when I have a 1TB drive attached to my network.

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    An update on this... I just tried the Playon Beta to watch Hulu and I am very surprised by the result...

    It is great! I can watch all my last Hulu show on my TV through the Wii now. Bye bye Comcast, hello Hulu.


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