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Thread: SD/USB Loader 1.5 Title Cover

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    Smile SD/USB Loader 1.5 Title Cover


    Ive successfully set up my external HDD to boot Wii Games, just wondering in 'SD/USB Loader 1.5' it doesnt show the title cover picture of the game.

    But within WBFS Manager it shows the cover flow????

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    The basic Wanikoko loader 1.5 doesn't download the covers for you. You have to manually copy the images from your PC (Look in My Documents) and put them in a USB-Loader folder on your SD card.

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    Yes tried that but still no luck

    Copied them into /ROOT/usb-loader/covers/ and it still doesnt work.


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    Here's the location of my cover folder on my SD card as displayed on my computer...


    I also have..


    I think it's for USB Loader GX which displays them slightly differently to other loaders.

    I use Wanikoko's 1.5, Coverflow and USB Loader GX depending on my mood.

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    Hi, I am running into the same problem here. I am using the USB-loader (Wanikoko)1.5, tried to put disc covers in 3 different locations of my SD card, still didn't work.

    Root of SD/images
    Root of SD/usb-loader/covers
    Root of SD/usb-loader/3dcovers

    Could anybody tells me what've I done wrong?

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    I'm still a newb but I believe the problem is the size of the images. What works for GX won't work for 1.5. Anyone feel free to correct me.

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    I basically just using GX for all games except Monster Hunter 3 (Uloader). But thx for the reply.

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    Us use configurable loader!!

    USE Configurable loader!! It is much better and adds all the covers! I have both!! I use the 1.5 for formating only, works good!! Cheers


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