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Thread: Will booting ISO's from my SD card damage the card?

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    Lightbulb Will booting ISO's from my SD card damage the card?

    Might be a silly question. I know that you can save VC games to your SD card and boot them from the card, but they are generally a lot lighter weight than most full fledged wii games. Just wondering if the constant booting and loading from the SD card would be too much stress for it?

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    Don't worry. SD cards have no moving parts and last for many years in normal use. As long as you dont go jumping up and own or throwing too much water on them they'll not wear out. Keep the files on your PC as a backup in case they get deleted by mistake.

    SD cards are so cheap they are almost disposable.

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    Thanks for the reply. I just didn't know how well flash memory held up to that kind of stuff. Just a bit of advice to anyone that might come across this thread, I just bought a 32Gb SDHC card and USB reader off eBay for under 20 bucks, shipped from Hong Kong. It works perfectly and is money well spent!!

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    Loading off the SD card is amazing. Love how it speeds up the load times of some notoriously slow-loading games.

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    @kylec - about your card

    did u split the card into FAT32 & WBFS partitions?

    I have just got a really cheap (unbranded) 32 Gig SDHC
    but I cant get HBC apps to show

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