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Thread: How does Gamecube games work on Hardmodded Wii?

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    How does Gamecube games work on Hardmodded Wii?

    Im soon going to buy a hardmodded Wii but one of the reasons of getting a chipepd Wii is because i want to be able to play Gamecube games on it aswell, as these games are almost impossible to find where i live (Denmark).

    i was wondering are burned gamecube games even possible on a wii/Chipped Wii? since they are originally in mini-dvd format. Do you just burn them on a regular DVD-R like with a Wii game through something like IMGburn?

    This is very important for me as ive missed out on games like Sunshine/Windwaker because i dint buy a Gamecube and my last console is a N64 and i dont think the Wii library is big enough for someone at my age so the Gamecube library will come in handy as im most interested in Nintendos own games

    Are there any problems with this, ive heard Drivekey also doesnt have sound support, does this only mean for unoriginal GC games and not the game purchased in a store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosHydra
    i was wondering are burned gamecube games even possible on a wii/Chipped Wii? since they are originally in mini-dvd format. Do you just burn them on a regular DVD-R like with a Wii game through something like IMGburn?
    Yes possible and working great. Regular DVD-R works fine burnt using ImgBurn 4x. Didn't even use Verbatim.

    Quote Originally Posted by You Said
    Are there any problems with this, ive heard Drivekey also doesnt have sound support, does this only mean for unoriginal GC games and not the game purchased in a store?
    Perhaps not all chips work perfectly with Gamecube games so do check on that. I went for Wiikey2 as they worked well on my drive type and as an added bonus they come preconfigured with Gamecube fixes, you can even turn the fixes off in the configuration if you wish.

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    I'm using af softmodded wii, and don't have any problems with GameCube games - just use a GC Backup Launcher........

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    Sorry...that was an accident!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bet@ View Post
    I'm using af softmodded wii, and don't have any problems with GameCube games - just use a GC Backup Launcher........
    Is this Backup Launcher something i need for a Hardmodded chip aswell for it to be compatible on my Wii, or is this only for Softmodders?

    Edit Update: Thanks for all the help seems like they have no issue with Wiikey so im going to buy that chip, admin can close thread if necessary
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