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Thread: loading problem

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    Angry loading problem

    I've been using wii shizzza to play my burned wii games, always used the same procedure and it always worked. Although lately i've been having problems such as the loader won't load and the wii will just freeze or when i insert the game it'll simply say error numner i don't know what and it asks me to eject the disk and restart the console or it'll simply say no game inserted... what does all this mean and is there a cure?

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    same here

    im getting the same problem. at first i read that my lens could be fried, depending on the brand of dvd-r used, which was memorex, so i went and got verbatim. At that point it wasn't even detecting dvds, burnt or original, only GC games. I got a new lens, installed it, and now i get the eject disc and refer to manual crap. I've been looking for a similar post but nobody's gotten to answer something like this yet, except for the 324 error, which is different from this one. some body out there has to know. HELP!

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    have u tried the neogamma very new to this but i have noticed that it smokes the wiigator by a a couple of errors and tried with neogamma..not probs yet..took me 3 days to figure out the readd erroor,but is all good now..


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