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Thread: Which would be the best way to make a Wii region-free?

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    Which would be the best way to make a Wii region-free?

    Okay, there is so many ways to make a Wii region free that I am getting confused. Solderring chip, Plug and Play Modchip, Softmod etc...

    Let's say, I am going to buy the japanese black Wii this August and that I want to play mainly US games (85%) small amount of European version games (10%) and rare amount of japan only games (5%).

    This also while getting access to a region free WiiWare networking whitout having Nintendo killing off my Wii.

    Basically all I want to do is have the freedom in the same way I have freedom with my PS3. Basically play any game from any region I want and purchase any games online from any region marketplace.

    Which would be the best alternative?

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    since this is your first post you will get the speech

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    but, my wasabi zero lets me do region free, but i use ntsc games only unless pal is the ONLY option...
    I can't read japenese so i dont play them

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    I just use Backup Channel. Same here, I have a PAL Wii so I really try to only get PAL games. If you accidentally upgrade your system through a game that is another region than your Wii, you'll brick the Wii.


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