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Thread: Strange Problems After Softmii3

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    Strange Problems After Softmii3

    After following the tutorial to Softmii3 on a PAL 3_3E Wii. Everything is fine.
    I have working HBC, Preloader and USBLoader. I also did FW4 update + new shop and mii channel update using Wanninkoko tool.

    Here's the problem...

    I try to play Mario Power tennis on disc, it wants to update. I click ok. Update finishes, then I get black screen!

    To fix black screen I use Preloader to get to HBC to load IOS Downgrader v1.0. It connects to network and when finished it reboots and my wii is fixed.

    So I try update using the wii settings SYSTEM UPDATE button for official 4.0E update. When it finishes updating = BLACK SCREEN again!!!.
    So preloader saves the day again!

    What am I doing wrong????

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    uhhh updating is what you are doing wrong. why would you update from the disc? just enable "skip disc updates" in preloader! get your system back to working, then enable that hack in preloader.

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    Thanks for the tip, but when I click on Systemmenu Hacks in Preloader it says...

    Could not find hacks.ini neither on FAT or Nand.

    Thing is i have hacks.ini on sd card (FAT format of course)
    What is going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunghoolio View Post

    Could not find hacks.ini neither on FAT or Nand.

    What is going on?
    mine done that but only when i tried changing menu skins when i didn't have any uploaded...

    definately skip disc update FTW!!!!


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