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Thread: Wii 4.0U Semi-Bricked

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    Wii 4.0U Semi-Bricked

    My Wii is ver. 4.0U
    Was reformatted
    Has Homebrew Channel, SaveMii(boot 2), and DVDx installed
    My Wiimote does not work with the SaveMii boot and I must hold reset to get to the main channel screen
    Has no internet due to semi-brick(so I've read)
    Cannot enter Wii System Settings and receives an Opera error page when attempting to do so(from what I've read this causes it to be considered semi-bricked)
    I can play my games, but cannot enter any other channel except Homebrew.
    Everything I've found have been fixes for 3.x and lower versions.
    I've already tried using Animal Crossing to do the update(which it update) but did not do anything useful
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Wiimotes do not work with bootmii, so that's nothing unusual. Use a Gamecube controller (not wireless) if you have one or just use the buttons as you have been.

    If you can load Homebrew channel then you can probably install any IOS you are missing, including the system menu. You can use (I think at least) anytitledeleter to check your IOS list and look for any glaring ommisions.

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    anytitle deleter

    I ran the anytitle deleter app and it states after informing the Wii that it is it's Daddy...! that my System menu on Sysconf regions differ(semi-brick)
    System menu:2 and Sysconf: 1
    I have a US Wii bought the day it came out(don't know if that's needed info or not)
    How do I match System menu to Sysconf?

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    part 2 of tutorial

    Part 1 of the tutorial works fine, but when I get to part 2. Custom WM it says to choose 'cios_fix.wad' I pick that but then get error messege
    ret= -1035. After searching around I only get conflicting answers on what to do. By the way thanks for letting me know about the Gamecube controller. I misunderstood that when I was reading it. I thank you for your help by the way.

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