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Thread: preloader question

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    preloader question

    hey guys im finisht with all my hacking and stuff and now i need to protect it i guess..
    i hurd that the preloader is made to resue your wii incase of brick?

    when i download it i have 3 files preloaderv0.29-cred.dol ,hack.txt and anothe nfo file.

    do i need to rename that preloaderv0.29-cred to boot?

    and drop it in the root of a clean card(nothing in it )

    or do i keep it the same?

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    i got it going now but how do i get out of there?lol i removed the sd card i reload my wii and it still goes to that menu?how do you load it like usaul???

    edit got it systeme menu but man is there a way to not see that menu all the time?like my son is 6 and i don't want him playing arround in there?lol

    ok got it! wife almost killed

    in the loader there is load installer and it goes to startup.elf.that is what?and if i want to change my boot menu in the hack file it is the first line.but what to i change it to?
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