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Thread: usb loader gx cant access alternative bool dol option in game settings

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    usb loader gx cant access alternative bool dol option in game settings

    Looked around the forum but can't find an answer to this question.
    The alternative boot option isn't showing up on my game settings menu for boogie. Have scrubbed the iso and created the alt boot folder for the sd but the games settings screen won't allow me to select the option. I can't scroll past game default option at the bottom of the screen. This is driving me nuts. Hopefully some one has an easy solution. cheers
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    Go into global settings. Bottom right, click 'Unlock'

    password is ab121b

    If you still dont have an alternate dol option then you need to upgrade your copy of USB Loader GX to something newer/latest.

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    Thanks you got me thinking. I have the channel install v516 but it doesn't have the option available. when i upgraded, it doesn't upgraded the channel, it upgrades the forwarder which i have on the sd card which is the path for the upgrade. See how i go and will post the results.
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    I'd switch to just using the forwarder bro. It's 20x as easy to just upgrade and try different versions on a whim that way. Plus it looks exactly the same regardless of which one you use. Goodluck.

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    Yes your right there. It's nice to have the channel installed but since the loader gets updated almost daily, the forwarder has it's finger on the pulse. By the way using the alt. dol path worked flawlessly with boogie. Some of the instructions are confusing to follow for those new at this. The renamed dol has to be put as is on the sd without being placed in a folder. The dol isn't recognized if it is placed in a folder as i was lead to believe by some posts.
    My best piece of advice for those who are new to this is;
    read alot before installing randomly as this is how problems can accure and don't install everything recommended by people as alot of it is unnessarsary crap which will never be used. You would be surprised at how much you can run with so little installed. Less is more.

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem, I can't find the alternate dol option on my usb loader gx, i have the latest channel install which I updated today. Can you please tell me how you got it to install? I have the .dol file in the root directory of my sd card. It's supposed to be the same name as my game code right?

    I've searched for this problem, and came upon your thread, I didn't want to start another one since I knew this one was already started.
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    The alt dol boot isn't an option when you install the gx loader as a the channel. Download the gx forwarder and launch it through the homebrew channel. When you go to the game settings(when you choose a game) it is about third option from the bottom and just select yes. The forwarder can be up dated but if you install the loader gx as a channel it can't be ungraded yet. There seems to be an uPgrade daily, so the forwarder is the best option so far.
    hope this helps.
    P.s Yes it has to be the same as the game code.
    the latest version of the channel available form the gx loader site now has the atl boot option
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