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Thread: Really confused : ( been out of wii for a long time need briefing :)

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    Really confused : ( been out of wii for a long time need briefing :)

    have left my Wii sitting there on my living room table for like TOO long, i havnt' even been on WIISO since forever too : o. But how i wanna get back XD summers here no school gotta find something to do right? I'd like someone to help me out DX i'm soo lost at homebrew and all the brickblocking stuff -.-

    What I Have:

    3.4U Wii
    Modded with Wiikey chip 1.9g
    Have working HBC
    Wad installer channel,
    Wad uninstaller channel,
    3 Wad games
    Double forecast and news channels.

    Now what need help with!
    uninstall the wad install/uninstall channel-> that stuff isnt' needed anymore is it?
    uninstall the 3 wad games, family pingpong, blockbreaker, life as a king.
    and fix the double forecast channels and news channel

    Ive been around this entire forum looking for stuff, but i havnt' found anything that is useful that i would need. i'm not sure how to do anything anymore !

    usb loader?

    I would like information about anything i'll need :3 to make my wii tip top shape again :\

    what version should my Wii be? o.o ive heard like 3.2 or 4.0, does it matter which one i have? i'm not a real wad fan : 3 but i't be nice to have them work when theres some good ones out , since i have a modchip, i shouldn't need to softmod wii right o.o?

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    Just delete the channels in the Wii menu, no special programs needed for that.

    Not sure why you have doubles but you could drag one copy of the forecast and news channels to a secondary screen or delete them all and reinstall the wads later.

    Softmii - I don't use it, it's a collection of soft hacks ore something.

    Preloader - Line of defense against bricks. I use bootmii though.

    Bannerbomb - New hack to install HBC, primarily for 4.0 but does work will lower versions.

    cIOS - Depends what you want to achieve, cIOS38 rev13 b is the latest used for things like USB Loaders.

    USB Loaders - Use an external HDD instead of your Wii drive to load games, easier and faster. Needs cIOS38 rev13 b or older.

    DX - No idea what that is.

    Leave it at 3.4 or update to 4.0, makes little difference if you have a chip.

    You don't NEED to softmod but the temptation of USB loaders was too much for me to bear.


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