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Thread: Posting a note on message board brings system files corrupted notice

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    Posting a note on message board brings system files corrupted notice

    Hello I tried to post a note on my wii message board but I get the system files corrupted notice. Is this a semi-brick? I think it happened because I updated to 4.0U using waninkoko's. What's the best solution to fix this error?

    PS - I've tried the anyregion changer to downgrade to 3.2U and it downloaded all the way to 15/15 but then something happened. I got like an error and when I go back to the menu, nothing changed. Still at 4.0U
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    Anyone have any ideas on how to get a fix for this?

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    Doesn't sound like anyone has a clue. Me neither.

    I have never tried posting a message myself and I updated with Wanikoko's 4.0, I wonder if mine works. Can't check right now as kids watching Peppa Pig.

    Of course the simplest solution would be not to post any messages on the wii message board but I suppose that's just avoiding things.

    Couldn't find much on this one.

    Helpful Page

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    Well, ok then. I reformatted my Wii and installed the essentials and everything works fine this time. Perhaps I did needed to delete the notes in the message board but I didn't try that XD

    Anyway, thx


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