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Thread: What is error 001?

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    Question What is error 001?

    Ok so i am downloading a game from Wiisos, (DDR2) and in its description it says it carries error 001. So i havent downloaded the game yet since i dont know what it means. What am i suppose to do with this?
    Am i suppose to install some kind of patch to prevent from anything to happen?
    If so what and where can i download it.

    Please tell me what it means and what i have to do to be able to play the game.

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    #001 is the error that occurs when the game registers that it is an unofficial copy. This simply means that you will probably need to update your mochips firmware if it is an older one (ir if you are even using one) and if you are using a softmod, the loaders remove this issue so dont worry.

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    I have BackupLauncher .3 Gamma IOS249
    Is dis fine?

    If not, what do you recommend i use?

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    you could use generic wii patcher and wii scrubber to fix the 001 error in the iso before burning (which is what i do) or neogamma, which has anti 002 error, not sure about the 001 error though since i dont use it


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