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Thread: I need ISO Help

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    Us I need ISO Help

    I've got homebrew Installed and DVDx and other thing but I burned The legend of Zelda TP (us) to a Memorex DVD-RW at 1x speed on img burner but everytime i load the backup loader channel (0.3g) my wii *acts* to be loading but the screen stays black and it keeps makeing a noise, any tips?

    When I use Neogamma R5 I get an error DVD Read Error (782)

    btw My firmware is 4.0 (not any more i downgraded to 3.2u)
    also, no modchip, I softmodded.
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    I tried -RW media once. I had no luck at all. -R's are the recommended media.

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    You'll really struggle with RW media without a mod chip. The only partial solution is to set book type to DVD-ROM from within ImgBurn but I don't know if that even works with rewriteable and softmod.

    Best bet, get some DVD-R, they are cheap as chips so it doesn't matter if you get a coaster or two.

    If you wish to continue using DVD-RW then you'll need to install a modchip that supports DVD+/-RW. For that price you could buy several spindles of 50 DVD-R.

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