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    Question Boot from USB

    Hey, i was trying to use an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer memory stick to run some wii games, but i can't get the USB in the right format. windows won't let me delete a partition from a removable drive and neither will any of the programs i've downloaded and there any way to get this into RAW format so i can use WBFS manager to make it WBFS format?

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    Did you try using a usb loader and the wii to format the usb stick I use a 500GB HDD and i used usb loader 1.0 to format the drive but and version will do it 1.5 is good hope this helps
    Or on your pc did you try going into the properties of the usb stick and change the permissions on the security option

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    well the usb stick doesn't have a 'security' option because it's not a fixed drive

    what is this usb loader though? i mean, i have one, but how does it format the drive?

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    ok, so i worked out how to do that, but it still doesn't work for my USB stick...i don't think it's ever going to work and i've pretty much given next option is DVDs.

    I've tried DVDs before and i get some sort of read error, but all of the words are overlapped, so i can't actually read exactly what it's saying, can you shed some light on this?

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    Put the USB stick into your Wii. Boot USB Loader GX, or whatever you want to use. It should format your stick for you. Then you can use WBFS Manager 3.0 in windows to put games on it.

    As for the discs not working. That's pretty vague. But it sounds like you're using a bad choice in media (blanks). Try a different brand.

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    as suspected, the USB loader GX could not find my usb stick (just to be clear, this is a USB Stick, not a hard drive...are they known not to work for this sort of thing?)...i've tried both slots and nothing seems to work

    thanks for your suggestions, and if you have any more, please let me know...for now i'm going to try the DVD thing, but i doubt that will work either (rest assured i will post my DVD problems here as well )


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