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Thread: USB Loader vs. USB Loader GX

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    Smile USB Loader vs. USB Loader GX

    Ok gang, I've decided to add a USB Loader. I want to know which Loader is best USB loader 1.5 or USB Loader GX? I'm thinking USB Loader 1.5, becuase it s alredy installed on my wii. Let me Know what youo think.

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    How can you "decide to add USB Loader", if you already have it "already installed on my wii" ? What to decide there?

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    Usually i'd chime in at this point asking you what your favorite Pizza is. As that's about how picking a USB launcher is.

    However USB Loader 1.5 is insanely antequated. You should use USB Loader GX if you're deciding between those two. It's going to have a much higher compatibility than the old school guy.

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    Everybody is probably going to get in on this one and tell you which is better. Just try them all out and see which one you like. I like the Configurable USB Loader my self, I think it's just as good as Loader GX if not better.

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    It might not be the best but it's one I already use for booting DVD's. It's NeoGamma. You can mount your USB drive with it also. No need for mulitple programs. I dont have too many games (20) so there might be some that I come across that needs me to use another loader but neo works will all that I have.

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    Interesting. I didn't know that you can use neogamma to load from USB. I've been researching just the 1.5 and GX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakyfabe View Post
    Interesting. I didn't know that you can use neogamma to load from USB. I've been researching just the 1.5 and GX.
    When you launch neogamma, you usually just hit A to load the game from DVD. But to load from USB, you hit your down arrow and then right. It will let you choose where you want it to load from (DVD, USB, SD). After you choose USB press A and it will mount your USB hard drive and show the first game at the top. Highlight the game and press right or left to choose the game you want to play.

    The only diff I found so far is that neogamma wont show images of your games. It might but that's not an important feature. As long as it plays my games it doesn't have to look pretty

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    usb gx works great

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    im using gx too, not had any problems with it.....

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    Neogamma also has USB 2.0 Support so if you having trouble with USB Loader 1.5 picking up your drive try NeoGamma.

    Haven't tried USB Loader GX yet,I like the idea of having game covers in stead of boring lists.

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