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Thread: Cheap solution for a HDD for the Wii + pics

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    Cheap solution for a HDD for the Wii + pics

    First thing is First if your one of these people who lose and hate buying DVDs to burn and play Wii games and don't have a massive HDD to store ur games on and play from ur Wii well toda i found a quick easy and cheap way insted of buying an External HDD but its like an External HDD so here goes

    1: softmodded Wii
    2: version 3.2e or any version that can use USB loader
    3: have done the USB loader guide and has it working
    4: WBFS manager and brains lol
    5: old 100GB sata HDD or higher
    6: External DVD rewriter

    1. first say u have loaded at least 1 game from a USB pen but say its only 4 - 8GB and want bigger here is what u do. Go to the shop and buy a Cheap External DVD rewiter like this.

    2. Dissasemble the case removing all screws then take out the External DVD and there will be a long chip connected to the DVD so cearfully unplug that which is like unplugging a lead its simple and then u should relise hold up its just an ordiany DVD rewriter with an chip to connect to USB .

    *don't have a pic but will know what im on about because u connect ur usb cable and power cable to it*

    3. Take ur own HDD sata is what im using and connect the chip to ur old HDD and it does Fit amazingly . ur probs thinking this guy is wako it couldent possibly work :P but what u do now is connect the HDD to ur Wii's USB and the other to the plug and it will boot up the HDD.

    5. Go to the USB loader v1 and then u need to formatt in order to put games on so do that it will take about 5 seconds if that and then ur HDD is ready for games to be added and played and u have saved urself about 40 - 160

    6. Use the WBFS manager to add games to ur HDD and play from ur Wii and there you go ur own personailsed external HDD easier than abc123

    This does work and i dunno what made me try it but im amazed also sorry i dident add more pics and sorry i dident post in TUTs section coz i cannot but i dunno why but ive put my 200GB old HDD to use now im happy.

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    Or you can just buy a hard drive enclosure like this one: - KINGWIN KH-200U-S Aluminum 2.5" USB 2.0 External Enclosure - External Enclosures

    It's a lot easier than having to open up an optical drive.

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    that would b useful you can get a 1.5TB internal cheaper than a 1.5T external

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    internals are usually cheaper than externals.

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    Nice idea and great if by luck you happen to have an external drive lying around that you don't want anymore.

    Still great idea and I like it.

    I wonder though if a DVD rewriter could be be replaced by an external CD ROM, these are much cheaper and in some cases could be cheaper than enclosures.
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