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Thread: Neogamma Help Needed

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    Neogamma Help Needed

    Bit of a newbie at this,so can anyone give me a "dummies" guide on how to load neogamma onto my wii. I'm currently running 3.1E & gamma 0.3 but getting a green screen on some of the newer games i.e. new indy jones & my sims racing, & I've heard this fixes it. I just use DVD's not USB to run games, so will this work.
    Thanks for any help

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    Yes this will work. If you know how to install wads then you can install the neogamma loader. Its the same exact way. Search on here for neogamma r4. Theres 2 links in there. One is for the channel and the other is for the HBC. Theres r5 out but its "broken". The other thing youll need is the newest cios38 rev13b. Actually i have read on here that using rev13b causes older games not to work. I have the regular rev13 and all my games still work. Once you have that installed along with neogamma, pop the game in and load up neogamma. In the main menu go to configurations and change anti 002 fix to yes. If you have an sd card in the wii, change config save to yes. Then click on load dvd. If everything was installed properly, the game will work.


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