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Thread: Upgrading Back To 4.0U

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    Upgrading Back To 4.0U

    I was recently following a video guide on downgrading somehow and installing wad installer. Well now every time i go to the disc channel it ask me to update my firmware. It also says if i do it will detect and remove hacks, not make games plays, or brick the wii. Im not very sure on what to do so some help and advice would be great.

    Im a noob at this also so i don't know very much..

    EDIT: Here is the link to the guide i followed
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    Install Starfall if your on 3.2 and if you arn't just use a backup launcher and it will skip the update.

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    Well now i just realized when i go to my system settings. It say's im still on 4.0U but when i load a game in the disc channel. (Im Loading Brawl) It says i need an update???

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    updates have little to do with firmware. It's IOSs.

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    Anyways how can i fix the disc channel...

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    Dont boot your backups through it. Ignore it. Also if it's saying that with no disc in the drive then methinks someone left wiiconnect24 on.

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    Im not trying to boot backups all it says when i click on the disc channel with a store bought disc in it and all it says is wii system update but im already on 4.0U, well atleast my wii says that.

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    Well if you dont use any backups.. then what are you afraid of? If you only have your Wii softmod'd so much as to use emulators then.. meh.

    Otherwise, put you retail disc in, and use your backup launcher. It will bypass the updates. Also, as I already said but you didnt like the answer. Updates have little to do with FIRMWARE. I beleive you're on 4.0. You could be on an unreleased internally tested Nintendo insider only how'd you manage to get that 6.0, and a 3.1 disc could still theoretically have updates for you. It merely means that disc contains an IOS that your Wii does not have on it.

    Install IOS 37, 38, 53, 55. See if that covers it. Although I doubt it will as, depending on the game, it probably wants to install Wii shop channel along with a ton of other random IOSs and things. Or.. you could always just launch the disc through a backup launcher channel and not worry about it. But that's crazy talk crazy crazy crazy talk.


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