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Thread: Wii Fit white screen freeze...

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    Wii Fit white screen freeze...

    I am running 4.0u firmware, CIOS 38r13, with a drive key. I have an original Wii Fit disc, in order for it to play I have to have the Drivekey turned off otherwise it will freeze after doing the body test. It also does the same thing when trying to play it using USB Loader 1.5, NeoGamma and USB Loader GX, this is one game I just cannot seem to get to play right.

    Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

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    Do you have r13a or b, I've heard 13b has some issues. So, you backed up your game using a USB loader and it won't work? That's weird, try messing with some settings before you load the game. Lastly, I've heard that having IOS60, IOS36, ect installed helps, but I'm not certain, so check up on that before you resort to that. Personally I have a 3.4 fw with cIOS 38rev13a and neogamma R4 and that works fine with me. Btw, what neogamma do you have? R4 is the latest so I you don't already have that try that first.
    Good luck

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    The game plays fine until you get to the part where it goes to compute your age, right before that it freezes on a white screen.

    I have tried changing some of the settings in a few of the loaders but haven't had much luck, what really sucks is I gotta do the entire body test to find out if it will work or not, needless to say I am getting pretty good at them as many times as i've tried.

    I have neogamma R4, i need to check on which CIOS 38 I have, I can't remember off hand.

    I guess I'll keep trying.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    No problem, but check out this link. This person has the same problem as you, maybe Wii Fit is uncompatible. Another thing mentioned in the link is the version of the game, maybe only certain versions work with the loader. But you can just play it on the disc anyway.


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