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Thread: need help with USB loader and need info

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    need help with USB loader and need info

    okay i have a softmodded wii 3.2e and because ive got no DVD-R disks atm i thort *hey lets install USB loader v1 which works and works with my USB now i downloaded a game the
    [WII]Grand Slam Tennis [PAL][].rar
    and i want to know how to load this from USB since i only have DVD+R 4.67GB so could someone please help me out

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    I'm not sure what that game is. Why did you back your own game up to a rar? that's weird.

    extract it. hook your USB device to your PC. Start WBFS Manager 3.0. Format the USB device. Click browse. Find the iso you exracted. Click add. Wait. Unplug your USB device. Plug it into your wii. Start your USB launcher. click 'a' a few times. Suck at tennis. La fin.

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    na game is an ISO formatt but just displayed as a rar but like i downloaded it of a torrent to see if it would work i can't extract it but im gonna try an ISO burner to open the RAR like Magic ISO

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    That should definitely work. Good luck.

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    WBFS manager will extract the rar and mount the iso file for you so you don't actually need to worry about extracting yourself. Just open WBFS manager, Browse for the rar file and everything else should be simple and easy.

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    i just converted my old hdd to work with my wii


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