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Thread: NEED HELP! MAYBE BRICKED WII - Might be banner brick

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    NEED HELP! MAYBE BRICKED WII - Might be banner brick

    BACKGROUND -Okay, so I was trying to get the new Wii Sports Resort working on my girlfriends Wii. I do not own a wii, but I have hacked my girlfriends and friends. I kept getting a disc error so I wanted to install some more disc loaders for the game.

    What I Did
    I went to my homebrew channel, opened up wad manager and installed a disc loader wad. Everything went successful and the wad manager said restarting wii. But then it stayed at restarting wii for about 2 minutes. Me getting impatient cause I wanted to play this game unplugged the wii from the back and replugged it in.

    Now when I press startup I see the Wii checkers thing (what you see after the health warning) (I disabled the health warning in the starfall menu previously). Then it just goes to black screen. The remotes can still connect to the wii and everything.

    The Wii
    It is a softmodded wii with Zelda hack on it.
    No modchip
    I dont know if it has any preloaders on it, I installed starfall, i thought that was a preloader but when I hold reset on the wii nothing comes up.

    What I heard
    Ive heard everything from getting a gamecube controller, or getting a modchip, etc. Can someone please help me provide a fix for this wii.


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    The gamecube controller and all that is provided you installed preloader.

    a modchip is if you didn't.

    Other than that, you installed a bad wad.

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    I thought that a preloader would load with when you held the reset button?
    Anyways I was thinking about getting a gamecube controller and autobooting the zelda game and use the zelda twilight hack to uninstall the wad.
    Like this tutorial here
    In this tutorial i will explain how to unbrick your Wii
    1.A Gamecube pad
    2.A Wii with a full Starfall install AND The Twilight Hack installed!
    3.An SDCard with This File( 3O) In the ROOT
    5.The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess Gamedisc
    1.Download and put the boot.dol in the root of your SD card
    2.Insert your Zelda Gamedisc In your Wii or make sure that it is allready inserted
    2.5( Insert your SD card in your Wii
    3.turn on your Wii while pressing the Y button on your GC pad
    4.It should say 3.2(E/U/J) for a little while in the right-bottom of your screen and then boot Zelda.
    5.Continue like if you would play zelda normally.
    6.Load the 'Twilight Hack' savefule and talk to the man or do some steps backward.
    7.You will get a whole load of text in your screen and suddenly it boots the WAD manager
    8.Press A 2 Times
    9.Search for your WAD that bricked your Wii
    10.Press Minus on your Wiimote
    11.Press A
    12.Wait untill it says press any button to continue
    13.Press any button on your Wiimote HOME on your Wiimote
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    I've always found it amusing how AFTER people just completely ignore guides, threads, and invididual posts about what they're attemping and they successfully brick their wii. All the sudden they are Wii scholars that miraculously learn how to read and search.

    Anyway. Just my observation of the day.

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    I fixed it, you were sure a HUGE help Ossot...


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