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Thread: Replacement cover art sites

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    Replacement cover art sites

    Well with wiiboxart officially closing their doors peoples are going to need new ones.

    As of right now I believe the latest USB Loader GX grabs from different sites, but I dont think any others do as of yet. Although i could very well be completely wrong about that.

    Anyway, here are a few good sites i've found so far.

    Raffles' Wii Box Art - Home - Also has ps3/xbox360/etc.. / World's Largest CD Covers and DVD Covers Album Art Archive - Has every form of media (dvd/consoles/etc)

    And if anyone is wanting 3d covers. Here's a good tutorial on gbatemp on how to create 3d covers from normal box art.

    edit: And no the site is back up. The guy has posted like 5x saying he's not going to host it anymore. For a while even the site said it's done. That kid is bipolar. No joke.
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    New site | Your home for Wii boxart very good and has all and more the content that wiiboxart has, and its free for all. just please click our ads.


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