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Thread: any US sites like this?

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    Us any US sites like this?

    Nintendo Wii WiiKey Modchip Install Service Nintendo Wii WiiKey Modchip Install Service [wiikeyins] - 49.99 : Game World Direct UK, Supercharge Your Games Console

    saw this in another thread here, i really want to mod my wii but have never soldered anything before in my life and the whole concept makes me uneasy

    i have a launch wii, and i know the wiikey is my best bet, but like i said i really dont feel comfortable doing this although i have built my own pcs for years

    really wouldnt mind spending an extra 50 bucks just to ensure i dont damage my wii, not to mention i have to buy all the necessary equipment [solder gun, solder, wires, ect] anyway

    anyone know any services like this in the US?

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    Don't trust any sites that claim to do this. I've heard horror stories about people who mailed their wii off to get modded and never got it back. You would have better luck taking it to a repair shop and asking if they will do it. Luckily I know an electrician who did mine.


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