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Thread: Stuck on homebrew channel

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    Stuck on homebrew channel

    I dunno if this is bricking or not, but i've come home today and my wii is stuck on the homebrew channel. I'm assuming my little bro changed the settings to load the HBC at start up. I've racked my brain, and search and search to no answer.

    Is there an easy way to get my wii back to normal?

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    Bootmii has the option to boot to Homebrew Channel directly.

    I'm pretty sure Preloader does too. (don't use it myself so I'm not 100%)

    Maybe the configuartion of these has been messed with?

    Can't imagine why else HBC would load my default.

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    I got it worked out. Sorry for posting this in the bricked section. I found the answer on

    "If autoboot is enabled and you want to access preloader's menu simply hold RESET while powering the wii on."

    Thanks for the response.
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