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Thread: can somebody just help me i have no idea what im doin

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    Unhappy can somebody just help me i have no idea what im doin

    alright here's the thing my wii firmware is 4.0 all i want to do is burn some wii games and that's not working what options do i have i downloaded this mario kart game i can't extract it on winrar because it saids the file is either unknown format or damaged what do i have to do i need it step by step please and thank you

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    If Winrar says the .iso file is unknown format or damaged when trying to extract then you've downloaded maybe a bad rip or you've not completed the download properly.

    Just checked on one of my downloads which is at 41.5% completion and it gives me the exact same message as you.

    I suggest restarting the download.


    It could be you are trying to open the .iso file itself which will not work because Wii isos are not generally understandable to windows.

    In which case just drag the file out of the Winrar window onto your desktop, once complete you can burn with ImgBurn on Verbatim DVD-R at 4x speed.
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    you can redownload at GamesTorrents - Bittorrent Descargas Juegos PC PS2 PSP XBOX360 then unzip and Burn at 4x Speed.

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    alright what about all that pal and ntsc and multi and english which one do i download and what about all that mod chip stuff and homebrew and know any other websites i can't find the game i am looking for
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    Depends where you live, different versions are released in different countries. Multi5 or Multi3 usually are European versions (PAL) with English, Spanish, Italian, german and so on. USA verisons are NTSC and Japanese versions, well let's not worry about them as they are in Japanese.

    Mod chips enable your Wii to read backup (downloaded) games using hardware.

    Soft modding will allow you to run backups too, but is more difficult to achieve long term because you have to consistently change the software of the Wii to keep pace with new releases.

    Homebrew is a type of software not licensed by Nintendo, but rather created by the community. Some of these homebrew apps include, backup launchers, USB Loaders, Media Players, drawing apps, games etc.

    As a complete new starter don't mess around with your Wii until you have completely understood what you are doing, failure to do this could turn your nicely working Wii into a non-working Wii.

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    i tried downloading another file mario kart did not work same problem i have program called discjuggler and it saids the same thing that winrar saids help me any special program or something i tried everything i don't got homebrew or anything do i need it could you give me any links do any games if you have any other links to mario kart that i can download please do so thanks
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