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Thread: MDS to ISO ?

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    MDS to ISO ?

    hey dudes

    ehm is search for a way to burn the games without the special LG drivers.

    and i found this out:

    with alcohol 120% you can make a .mds image. ok i dont know if you can already burn them and they work, i will try it next week (i am away for a week tonight)
    but my problem is that i must use the wiibrickblocker and it only works with .iso

    so does anyone know an application which can do it? i already tried UltraIso and MagicISO but they didn't work for me.

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    You dont need the LG drive to burn the games just to dump your original Wii games into a .wii/ISO file on your PC.

    The LG drive is a dvd-rom drive.

    You can use any dvd burner to burn the game ISOs and it should work as long as you have a mod chip installed.

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    yeah sry i mean dump, not burn.

    mhh i think you dont get what i mean.

    to dump a game, you need rawdump. but without the LG driver, it tells you that you have a fault driver.
    so without the LG driver you cant creat the ISO.

    ok but with alcohol 120% you can make an image of the game, but it is a .mds image.

    so i want to know, if you have a working application that can convert that .mds image into a .ISO image, so you can burn it and have fun=)
    i already tried UltraIso and MagicISO but they didn't work for me.

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    no it wont work, The reason being, the LG drives are the same reader as the one on the wii, so it can pickup on the data, you need an lg drive in order to attempt to read the disc without ripping appart the lock codes on the discs. there is no other way with no other software. I just recently purchased a LG drive, with raw dump, and a Block Buster Game Pass has them cheap.

    make sure its one of these though
    * LG-8164b
    * LG-8163b
    * LG-8162b
    * LG-8161b

    I have the first one on the list, it runs perfectly.


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