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Thread: Backup Of A Backup

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    Us Backup Of A Backup

    hey , ive been making back ups for some time now using memorex dvd-r discs , ripping with wiinja. and i went to make a new backup from a old backup (i dont have the original), but my backup launcher wont read it. what do i do???

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    your main problem is the brand of dvd's u r using

    dvd backups on crappy memorex don't last long...nor will your wii laser or dvd drive motors

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    well the backup plays fine , and my drive is new , even if i burn on sony or verbatim , it still dont work , but i did notice once i rip a backup from a backup , it renames it 2 symbols insteads of the game name

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    Try using imgburn? Have it create an image file from a disc. create an ISO of your original(?) backup. Then burn the ISO using whatever you fancy to a new blank.

    That should correct whatever is causing the name change.

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    ok , let me repost , image burn 3.2 is what ive been using since i started burning games to begin with , i know how to rip and burn , thats not the issue , i want to make that clear.....;. my issue is i cant make a backup of a backup , it rips the backup of a backup , it burns a backup of a backup , but wii wont play the backup of a backup , memorex , verbatim , sony , fujifilm all dont work and i am using dvd-r , there has to be some little change somewhere i have to make , the output file is the correct size and is a iso , now does anyone have any expert advice???? i would be very greatful!

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    Wat Bro Ossat was saying is to use ImgBurn to copy an ISO image of your Backup game instead of ripping it using Rawdumper. After obtaining the ISO, use the ImgBurn to burn the ISO.

    I read in another forum that someone tried and it works. I faced the same issue as you. I going to try it tonight and will update you shall it work.

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    yeah i understand that but my drive wont reconize the iso for some reason and will only let me dump it

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    A lot of drives will not recognize the wii games. Try using a different computer if you have one. Or if you are that desperate for a copy you can use isodump. That will wear out your laser, but as long as you dont do it too much, you prob be OK. I found out that my laptop sees the wii discs but not my desktop, so I was able to share the drive over the network and copy it that way.


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