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Thread: need help with dvd roms

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    Question need help with dvd roms

    alright it saids in the creating and burning thing that i would need a one of the 5 LG 5.25 DVD-Roms im sorry but i got a sony DVD RW DRU-810A do anyone know if this would work just as good or should i even try and see i don't waste all the time downloading it and find out it won't work

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    dumping or burning?

    The Hitachi LG gdr 816?b series of drives u mean are the only ones that are capable of READING an original WII DISC - so they are useful for dumping games.

    If you wanna BURN an ISO image of a wii game to disc, then your dvd writer should be just fine.

    Use Verbatim DVD-r discs at 4x burn speed

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    but can you use any other dvd-r discs

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    yeah, try others

    but use -r instead of +r

    I only use the verbatims because its well documented that they, (and Taiyo Yudens) are the best to use.

    Know some people have used +r, but -r have best overall compatibility = less coasters

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    I use Sony -R, it works too.

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    i used memorex -r whit no problem btw 1saac i think i read ".....if u check u girl like that may she dont cheat on u loser" in a great post we acn say the name because we get banned lol but that a great way to tell him whit out saying anything lol lollol lol lol lol lol

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    i use hp dvd -r they work fine too.. fyi

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    I used Sony +R And the they did not work for me!


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