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Thread: Need some expertise (noob to wii backups)

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    Us Need some expertise (noob to wii backups)

    Hey all,
    I'm new to the forum and new to the wii. However im not new to backing up so i have some knowledge in that area. I done as much searching and reading as i could find, cause there is nothing more annoying to forum users and moderators of people asking questions when their answers and right in front of them. I currently has the samsung sh-d162c drive and the pioneer 111d burner. Which works fine for 360 backups. I've realized that supposedly the only drive that will read wii games for dumping is the LG GDR-8164b,3b,21, or 1b. Is this still correct or will the newer gdr-h30n drives work? .So i am looking around to buy one as we speak. Just wanted to make sure that if i get this drive will my pioneer 111d burner do the trick to burn. Also i use verbatim dvd+r dual layer for my 360 backups with the pioneer burner, since they worked fine for 360 games will that work for the wii games as far as compatibilty from the media to the burner?

    Thx for the help in advance

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    Yes you need to get a LG GDR-8164b,3b,2b, or 1b as these are the only drives that can read wii games.
    I am unsure if the gdr-h30n drives work, best to stick to the ones that are known to work.
    Your pioneer 111d burner should be fine for burning the Game ISOs, just try to burn at a low speed (2x - 4x).
    I know a few people that have had problems with dvd+r disks, I use quality Ritek dvd-r disks and i haven't had a single problem.


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